TradeIntelligence (Tintell)

Asesorias B&D / TradeChile has developed TradeIntelligence (Tintell), an online meeting scheduling system.

With this online system, every customer, company or organization can make and monitor its meetings agenda in real time with a personalized user account delivered by TradeChile.

The meeting scheduling system is complex, especially when multiple users need to arrange meetings within a few days. At TradeChile we have specialized in organizing business rounds of up to 1,200 meetings in two days. The system, however, allows many more meetings to be organized, depending on the number of registered entrepreneurs for the activity.

TINTELL platform ensures that meetings between executives of the same company are not duplicated, to confirm the availability of time to meet with their counterparts, and to block the spaces that have already been confirmed.

In addition to seeing information about their meetings (location, date and time) the user can find detailed information of its counterparts, such as description of the companies and contact details.

All of the above in a friendly working environment from mobile (smartphones) and tablets and with logistic support assistance via e-mail or telephone contact when required.

Benefits of TradeIntelligence

  • Each meeting is set by the user in real time once agreed upon, including future changes.
  • The system automatically detects conflicts between meetings before they are registered.

Screen Shots of Tintell

Initial screen for event manager.  It has information about the number of participating companies, total number of executives (if there is more than one executive per company), the number of meetings of each executive and the list of companies with which they will meet.

Screen for the executive, where he can see its agenda and arrange new meetings.
The list of available companies decreases to the extent that there is already another executive meeting with said company or at that specific time the company has scheduled a meeting with another counterpart.
The system automatically discards companies that have some kind of conflict for the meeting.

View of the final agenda of the company.  It allows to visualize the spaces that are still available.

This screen allows the administrator to review the meetings already scheduled by hour.