Market Intelligence

Financial and commercial analysis: Report of the commercial activity undertaken by a distributor, representative or agent and their performance. The assessment covers the local company’s financial situation, product lines, brands, foreign trade activities, local production, product pricing, business practices. It also includes a basic commercial background of the company, such as address verification, ownership structure, number of years in the market, credit standing, etc.

Identification of Investment Incentives: Comprehensive advice for companies intending to invest in Chile. This includes information regarding various incentives that are based on geographic location and/or specific investment, available funding, required procedures and conditions, Chilean entities to be contacted.

Matchmaking: Based on the specific requirements for each company and/or entity, our team identify potential strategic partners and elaborate an assessment for each one. Asesorias B&D / TradeChile selects some potential partners for consideration of the foreign client.

TradeIntelligence (TINTELL):  A powerful tool for our clients.    It permits a real-time online access to information regarding to the coordination and organization of a business agenda.


Logistics: Asesorias B&D / TradeChile provides of a wide range of additional services, such as the arrangement of transportation, hotel reservations, interpretation and translation, organization of trade events and events aimed to networking.