Market Intelligence

Financial and commercial analysis: this report is an assessment of the commercial activities undertaken by a distributor, representative or agent and their performance for a foreign company. The assessment covers the local company’s financial aspects, product lines, brands, foreign trade activities in regard to its competitors, local production, product pricing, business practices and projected data for imports and local production. It can also include a general commercial background on the company, such as address verification, ownership structure, number of years in the market, credit standing, etc.
Identification of Investment Incentives: we offer comprehensive advice for companies intending to invest in Chile. This includes information regarding various incentives that are based on geographic location and/or specific investment, available funding, required procedures and conditions, Chilean entities to be contacted, among others.

Matchmaking: Based on the specific requirements for each company and/or entity, our team identifies potential strategic partners and conducts an assessment for each one. After selecting the most appropriate partners, TradeChile gathers information on each of these and their market activities in order to better prepare the foreign counterpart for future meetings and communication.

We also provide our clients with a powerful technological tool, with real-time online access to information regarding any changes to their meetings and agenda.



Logistics: Part of the comprehensive consultancy offered by TradeChile, and requested as add-on services, we also provide of a wide range of additional services, such as the arrangement of transportation, hotel reservations, interpretation and translation, organization of trade events, business cocktails, etc.
Not only do our clients give us the responsibility to organize these services for them, but they also have access to any preferential rates that have been negotiated between TradeChile and other companies in these sectors (hotels, transportation, interpreters, etc.).