Legal Assistance

One of the holding companies forming part of TradeChile is Sateler Depolo Diemoz Abogados, a law firm specializing in corporate, insurance, litigation, real estate, consumer, intellectual property and information technology law. The firm is composed of professionals with extensive knowledge in the fields of economics and finance, being applied together to embody its legal expertise. In this manner, our legal services come with the thorough knowledge in the know-how of doing business.


The professional scope at Sateler Depolo Diemoz Abogados also includes consultancy in the area of contentious issues, by addressing various legal issues and procedural stages that may arise in each case.

This is to protect the interests of our clients and help them grow their business, providing personalized, efficient and high quality legal advice that is based on results and trust.

In order to achieve this goal, Sateler Depolo Diemoz Abogados has a team of professionals with recognized expertise and experience in various fields of practice.