Assistance at Fairs

Representation: our company’s professionals can participate by representing its interests, even by occupying a stand at a venue if it is required.

Competitive Product Analysis: we offer an analysis of the competition at the fair and we also visit the competition’s booths, we met with their representatives and we give our clients a detailed report on their product strengths, prices, place of origin, etc.

Premium Services: we assist companies, entities and groups participating at fairs in the arrangement of meetings, creation of contact lists, interpretation and assistance in meetings, follow-ups with contacts, etc.



Logistics: Part of the comprehensive consultancy offered by TradeChile, and requested as add-on services, we also provide of a wide range of additional services, such as the arrangement of transportation, hotel reservations, interpretation and translation, organization of trade events, business cocktails, etc.
Not only do our clients give us the responsibility to organize these services for them, but they also have access to any preferential rates that have been negotiated between TradeChile and other companies in these sectors (hotels, transportation, interpreters, etc.).